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(190/207) 3561078 - Notify user if restart is required

There are some changes the user can make in the Options pane that do not take affect until jEdit is restarted, but there is no notification to the user of this. For an example, the "Docking framework" pull-down in the Docking page, does not actually seem to do anything if the user switches it from "Original" to "MyDoggy" or back, making the user think the MyDoggy plugin is broken, or that the bug they are reporting still happens without MyDoggy. Only after a restart does the change seem to take effect. I understand that this is sometimes unavoidable, but it seems that the tool could show a dialog telling the user that a restart is required, with buttons for "Restart Now", "Restart Later", and "Cancel" (similar to the Updater plugin) which would restart jEdit, or make the settings change but not restart, or not make the settings change and return to the options page, respectively.

Submitted snarum-micron - 2012-08-23 - 17:36:53z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No