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(196/207) 3605445 - File system browser drag and drop

im aware of

the file system browser should really support file and folder drag and drop... which, is not "copy" and "paste" then "delete", but "move"...

frequently have to go into the shell for this operation.. or clumsily do copy, paste, then delete if i see what i need...

Submitted Anonymous - 2013-02-20 - 16:48:53z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-04-28 - 20:02:37z
Does this mean dnd between two instances of the file system browser, or dnd between the parent list and the file table?

I think such a thing should pop up a dialog (with the option to not show it again later) asking the user if they want to move this file to that place.
2013-04-29 - 21:54:52z
I started working on this one, moving files and directories are already working, but I have some troubles with the visual representation of the dragging. The patch will be ready in a week or so