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(198/207) 3606956 - Environment variables in stored paths

Especially for using jEdit as portable app, it would be nice to have environment variables expanded, when path strings are read from files like recent.xml and perspective.xml. Of course, to make it really useful, environment variable replacement should be done before storing paths to these files (which IMHO shouldn't be optional as for displaying paths).

Submitted rschwenn - 2013-03-05 - 18:58:10z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category core
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-03-05 - 19:03:01z
*All* path properties??? Or just some. And which ones?

At the moment disabling the view option breaks the ProjectViewer option for storing variable-prefixed paths in the project properties.
I have to come up with another API for plugins to use that is always going to work regardless of the view option.

2013-03-05 - 20:12:45z
I feared that a request for "all" path properties in "all" files couldn't have much success. That's why this request is mainly for *recent files list* and restoring *previously open files* at startup. I was hoping these things are core related only (recent.xml and perspective.xml).
2013-03-06 - 05:02:13z
I see you already said that in the initial description. Sounds reasonable to me.
2013-03-17 - 22:07:55z
recent.xml is easy. perspective.xml is tricky. Unassigning myself for now.
I will reassign if I feel like mucking around in ugly splitconfig code.