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(7/22) 3602745 - Exclude filename from print - ID: 3525116

Gives the possibility to exclude the header with a simply dialog before printing.

Submitted ringeis - 2013-01-31 - 04:07:15z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-01-31 - 19:53:16z
You should not use a new JFrame, but git it the current jEdit view (jEdit.getCurrentView()).
Then you should use a localised message.
There is a methode GUIUtilities.confirm() that does just that.
I've just noticed that there is already an option in General > Printing for setting this.
So, is this a good idea to ask the user each time she prints, when there is a general option?

The feature request is not clear about this:
2013-02-05 - 17:46:52z
This is a rather late response but I took the original request to mean that they want a simple way to disable the header for individual print jobs. There is indeed an option in Utilities < Options < Printing this gives users the ability toggle the header. It just seems kind of out of the way and has to be re-selected if you want to print the header even if you close jEdit and come back to it later.
2013-02-07 - 21:07:07z
Point taken, but can you do better ?
Like, would it be crazy to implement our own page setup dialog, just like the ol' one, but with 'Print header' checkbox ? Or will it be definitely more trouble than usefulness ?

I've only skimmed through these:
so I'll value other opininions...
2013-02-11 - 18:21:51z
I've taken a different and not so abrasive approach this time around. The user can alter the header by changing the Job Name text field in the "Appearance" Tab in the print dialog. They are instructed similarly so there will be little to no confusion.
2013-02-11 - 20:17:48z
clever idea: try to get around the limitations with what can be changed...

but it doesn't work for me on linux, openjdk 7: the job name text field is disabled.
Did I miss something ? See attached screenshot...
2013-02-12 - 07:14:17z
It works for Windows, which I'm working on, but one of my classmates is getting a similar issue to yours. We aren't quite sure what's going on either.
2013-07-10 - 01:44:46z
Any update on this one?
2013-07-10 - 07:44:25z
Patch is not ready for inclusion.


2013-02-11 - 18:19:28z

Different Patch of BufferPrinter1_4 than was already up

2013-02-11 - 18:20:15z

The patch thinks I changed everything, I only altered a few lines.

2013-02-11 - 20:18:43z

job name field is disabled in appearence tab