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(19/22) 3613117 - Patch for feature request - ID:3605445 (Drag and Drop)

This patch adds drag and drop functionality to the file browser. DnD happens over the filename column only, so previous functons like selecting multiple files were preserved. Using shift,control,alt over the filename column were also left unchanged.
Issues: dnd uses VFSBrowser.rename(). We found a bug associated with updating the directory structure after moving files (refer: It was there before, but our patch uses that function more often.
Made by: Bence Pinter, Laszlo Schmidt, Zsombor Franczia

Submitted bcooper0 - 2013-05-11 - 18:48:48z Assigned ezust
Priority 5 Category general
Status Pending Group None
Resolution Rejected Visibility No


2013-08-10 - 03:00:22z
nice! But if I am holding the "ctrl" key, it doesn't copy the file, it still moves it.
2013-08-10 - 03:00:51z
it should change the icon to a + sign and copy instead of move when the user has the ctrl-key held down.
2013-08-10 - 03:11:49z
This patch changes the way multiple selection works in the file system browser.
Before, I could click+drag to select multiple files and perform operations on them as a group.
Now I can't, because the drag handler kicks in before I have finished making my selection.

Also, it seems to work with only a single selection.
please fix these issues and submit again - it is a nice start.


2013-05-11 - 18:48:48z

added a new class to the browser package (, + one line to