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(20/22) 3614065 - system property "user.home" on Windows


I use jEdit on a USB drive and before version 5.0 the JVM option "-Duser.home=" did work as expected. This system property is in current version ignored and the environment variable %APPHOME% is used instead on Windows machines.
The attached patch checks first if "-Duser.home=" was specified and use the provided location otherwise %APPHOME% is used.

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Submitted sub_optimal - 2013-05-28 - 22:30:08z Assigned ezust
Priority 5 Category general
Status Pending Group None
Resolution Invalid Visibility No


2013-11-27 - 22:18:41z
System.getProperty("user.home") works better than actually checking the command line arguments. But i will fix things up so it does check that also.
2013-11-27 - 22:24:42z
Why is it important that you are able to -Duser.home= in order to change how jEdit behaves, when jEdit has its own command line argument for this purpose?
You can achieve what you want (jEdit using a different settings directory) without patching jEdit at all, but simply using
java -jar jedit.jar -settings=/path/to/your/settingsdir


2013-06-04 - 20:30:33z

fixes an issue in the initial patch