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(2/314) 1047972 - FTP plugin will freeze on bad password

The FTP Plugin freezes JEdit entirely for me when a bad
password is entered connecting to an ftp site for files
that I currently have open and am trying to load at
jEdit startup. It seems like it might be a good idea to
have the FTP plugin start up a separate thread to
connect to the remote ftp server, and monitor that
thread for inactivity, then kill it if it can't connect
after a configurable timeout. Also, suppose I am using
sftp and the ssh daemon is dead. This will cause the
same IO bind as the bad ftp password. I never have an
option to cancel the connection or retry it with a
different configuration. It would be nice.

Submitted zakuhn - 2004-10-15 - 18:51:17z Assigned nobody
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2007-03-13 - 12:48:28z
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This still happens, two years later: if I misspell the password, I have to kill jEdit with Ctrl-Alt-Del. Details:
jEdit running on MsWindows XP, sftp'ing files from a Linux machine, jEdit v4.2 final, ftp plugin v0.7.3.
2007-10-29 - 11:48:42z
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I find that jEdit freezes if the FTP plugin encounters any error such as 'incorrect password' but also 'incorrect host' or specifying the wrong port. Don't suppose there's much chance of anyone else fixing this as it's been open for so long. Unfortunately my Java's pretty rusty.
2009-04-19 - 16:43:28z
Has there been any movement on this? Do folks still encounter this issue? I haven't tried the startup aspect, but if I enter a bad password or username, it times out after a few seconds with an error dialog box.

I wonder if the lock up is the FTP plugin waiting for a server response, and the server either never responds, or doesn't timeout in a decent amount of time?

As a parallel issue, you should ask the administrator to put decent timeouts (e.g. 15 or 30 seconds, not minutes) in the FTP daemon setup.