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(22/314) 1471758 - Empty fields in Bibtex Navigator

When I browse a bibtex database with the bibtex
navigator, only the "Ref" field is shown. The other
columns (Title, Author, Journal) remain empty. I tested
this also with the test.bib from tetex, but it is the
same there.

I am using jEdit 4.2 with LatexTools 0.5.2 on Ubuntu
Linux (Sun SDK 1.5).

Submitted freedo - 2006-04-17 - 14:20:51z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2006-04-21 - 06:21:17z
Logged In: YES

Not really a bug, only an annoyance. There are 2 ways to
define the fields in bibtex, with quotes and with curly braces.

won't work with navigator:
author = "The author",
title = "The title"

does work:
author = {The author},
title = {The title}

However, I strongly wish for both ways to work.