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(24/314) 1474027 - LatexTools: Column sorting in Bibtex Navigator flawed

If the navigator is sorted by title or by author, the
insertion does not work correctly.

Instead of the double-clicked reference, the reference
that would be at the respective position had the
navigator been sorted by Ref is inserted. In other
words, resorting the Navigator causes only the table
view to be updated, not the underlying model.


Sorted by Ref

refA Title
refB Strange Reference
refC Yet another Reference
refD Interesting Paper

Sorting it by Title results in

refD Interesting Paper
refB Strange Reference
refA Title
refC Yet another Reference

Now double-clicking line 1 (either "refD" or
"Interesting Paper") causes
\ref{refA} to be inserted.

Submitted entkerner - 2006-04-21 - 06:26:37z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
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2006-06-06 - 05:39:18z
Logged In: YES

I think that it would also be nice if you could have an
option to "freeze" the bibtex navigator to the most recently
opened .bib file, so that I can edit a .tex file and still
see the most recent .bib file in the bibtex table.