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(28/314) 1506956 - PHPParser: reparse project does nothing

Jedit 4.3pre4, PHPParser 1.2.3

After setting up a project in the project panel, one
clicks the reparse project button. It causes some IO
activity for a few seconds, but does not increase the
number of classes, methods or files parsed from 0.

Opening PHP files within the specified root does
increase the classes/files number. Methods however
only seems to increase for functions, rather than
methods of classes.

The PHP code is PHP 5 syntax.

The filestructure in the specified root is fairly
normal, files (php, html, images, css and javascript
mostly), directories, and symlinks to directories
outside of the specified root.

There are no "excluded" paths set (and setting some
doesn't make any difference).

Submitted sleemanj - 2006-06-15 - 22:17:48z Assigned kpouer
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No