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(30/314) 1521448 - InfoViewer JEditorPane focus/keyhandling bugs

We need visual feedback when the editor pane has focus.
like a border around the thing.

When the editor pane has focus, and we are not
selecting anything, the arrow keys should be handled by
the scrollpane that is wrapped around it, not by the
editorpane itself. At the moment, arrow keys move
around an invisible cursor, which is confusing - you
can press downarrow for a while, nothing happens, and
then suddenly your down arrow works but your up arrow
doesn't. Annoying.

After mouse click on the tree view, it should change
focus to the editor pane.

If tree is focused, and we press tab, where does the
focus go? It seems to be nowhere. Keys don't respond at

Submitted ezust - 2006-07-12 - 20:37:53z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No