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(49/314) 1680721 - CscopeFinder: Multiple entries in dialog for the same line

When performing a query using CscopeFinder, e.g. find functions calling this, or find this C symbol, typically the same entry appears twice (sometimes more) in the dialog that opens.
In one case, I selected a function name in the current buffer, and the action "find functions calling this" opened a dialog with 10 items, all of which were set to the very same source line! I checked the cscope.out file, and it contained a single entry for that line.

Submitted shlomy - 2007-03-14 - 14:28:07z Assigned dwhall
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2007-03-14 - 14:45:28z
Logged In: YES
Originator: YES

I just noticed that in the case of the 10-item dialog, all of which refer to the same source location, cscope itself shows 5 different functions calling the selected name, however it shows the same source location for all 5 functions. Hence, the problem with CscopeFinder is only that it shows each cscope entry twice instead of once.

Thinking again about it - same happens in ErrorList. Is the same List widget used by both? Maybe the problem is in the List widget...
2007-05-07 - 06:18:20z
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ASsigning to Dean Hall, author of cscope finder plugin.