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(53/314) 1728860 - OpenIt: OpenIt dialog changes active view

When there are multiple views open, invoking OpenIt dialog causes jedit to switch to view where openit dialog was opened for the first time.
If file is selected from the list then jedit returns to original view (from which openit was last invoked), but if ESC is pressed then it stays in changed view.
jEdit 4.3pre9
openIt 1.5

Submitted pi31415 - 2007-05-31 - 10:21:55z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2007-08-10 - 20:56:59z
Logged In: YES
Originator: NO

This is true with other dialogs too. i think it is a more serious problem than just openit.
2007-08-16 - 09:15:57z
Logged In: YES
Originator: YES

I've used FastOpen previously and didn't notice such behavior with it's similar switching dialog in 4.3pre9.