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(60/314) 1786125 - SideKick ecmascript parser causing 100% CPU usage

Lately I've noticed that when using jEdit, CPU usage will inevitably spike to 100% and continue to do so until I close jEdit. I've determined that this happens when using the SideKick plugin -- the problem goes away if I disable all plugins and restart jEdit -- and while editing JavaScript files, specifically. If I pop open SideKick I notice that the ecmascript parser seems to be parsing the file but it's apparent that it's hanging.

Technically, I suppose this is a problem with the XML plugin, not SideKick. I can confirm that the problem does not crop up when I change jEdit to use its javascript parser for JS files instead of ecmascript.

I'm using jEdit 4.3pre10 on Linux, with SideKick 0.7.4 and XML 2.0.6.

Submitted mcmire - 2007-09-01 - 01:09:54z Assigned nobody
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2007-09-17 - 20:06:08z
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I get this problem too.