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(84/314) 2021501 - ErrorList: still pops up when those events are disabled

When the tool buttons 'Toggle display of errors' and 'Toggle display of warnings' are up (i.e. not pressed) the error list plugin still shows up when an error is detected in the editor.

May be two more buttons would do the trick : "pops up on error" and "pops up on warning". This is what's provided in the Eclipse Console plugin and I find it very practical and I doubt it would hurt performances in any way.

Any way, this usability bug requires a fix.

Thanks for jEdit !

Submitted michelnolard - 2008-07-18 - 13:50:18z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-11-27 - 04:38:40z
In plugin options - errorlist, there is an option "Automatically display on error".
Is that option checked? If so, un-check it. If that does not fix your problem,
let us know.
2012-04-06 - 09:10:02z
Alan, please reconsider the problem. The user switched of both warning and errors in the dockable. Yes, he has "Automatically display" on, but since he switched both options off in the dockable, he expects no pop-ups. I'm with him. "Automatic display" should pop up only when the relevant button (warnings, errors) is active.

An example: parsing detects an error. Popup should be displayed if and only if the errors button in the dockable is on.

The feature request contained in the report is also reasonable and looks like it could all be done in one blow. The pop-up control buttons would be more easily accessible than current plugin option.