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(90/314) 2085929 - Plugin options dialog does not save JSpinner state on Enter

Opening the Plugin Options window, changing a JSpinner option, and hitting Enter (as a shortcut to clicking OK) causes the change to be lost. This does not occur if you actually click OK.

You can reproduce this problem with the Character Map plugin, which has a JSpinner in its options.

Submitted vocaro - 2008-09-01 - 01:31:01z Assigned nobody
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2008-09-02 - 22:26:55z
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Hi, I'm unable to reproduce that, does anyone reproduce it ? when you press Enter, the window disappear ?
2008-09-06 - 01:27:29z
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Yes, when I press Enter, the Plugin Options window disappears.

Here are the steps in more detail to reproduce:

1. Go to the Plugin Manager and install the Character Map plugin.
2. Go to the Plugin Options and switch to the Character Map section.
3. In the Table Columns field, use the keyboard to change the value to something different. (Do not click the spinner buttons.) Note that for this particular field, the new value must be a power of 2 (1, 2, 4, 8, 16...)
4. Immediately press Enter. (Do not let the focus leave the spinner.)
5. Return to the Character Map section of the Plugin Options. You will find that your change has been erased, and the Table Columns field is back to its original value.

This problem does not occur if you do one of the following:
* Use the spinner buttons instead of the keyboard to change the value
* Switch the focus to a different field before hitting Enter
* Click the OK button instead of hitting Enter.

You should be able to reproduce this problem for any JSpinner field in the Plugin Options.

I am able to reproduce the problem in the following environments:

Windows XP Professional SP3
Java 1.6.0_07
jEdit 4.3pre15

Mac OS X 10.5.4
Java 1.6.0_05
jEdit 4.3pre15

2008-09-06 - 23:14:19z
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Ok I can reproduce it now. It is a bug in the plugin, I move it to the good tracker