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(96/314) 2148067 - FTP Plugin: no files display in remote directory listing

Local files and directories are listed normally, but on the Remote Server, no files are ever listed.

I can only open files i know the exact location and filename for. I cannot browse. The left side of the file system browser shows only the direct ancestor folders and the current folder. the right side shows no files.

The activity log shows the following sequence of messages for each file in a given directory i attempt to display, where "[FILENAME]" is the name of each file in the directory:

(if this is a plugin rather than core bug, sorry, and please let me know)

12:40:03 PM [notice] FtpConnection: lineToDirectoryEntry(06-22-08 06:07AM 5940 [FILENAME].asp) failed:
12:40:03 PM [notice] FtpConnection: java.lang.NullPointerException
12:40:03 PM [notice] FtpConnection: at ftp.FtpConnection.lineToDirectoryEntry(Unknown Source)
12:40:03 PM [notice] FtpConnection: at ftp.FtpConnection._listDirectory(Unknown Source)
12:40:03 PM [notice] FtpConnection: at ftp.FtpConnection.listDirectory(Unknown Source)
12:40:03 PM [notice] FtpConnection: at ftp.FtpVFS._listFiles(Unknown Source)
12:40:03 PM [notice] FtpConnection: at org.gjt.sp.jedit.browser.BrowserIORequest.listDirectory(
12:40:03 PM [notice] FtpConnection: at
12:40:03 PM [notice] FtpConnection: at org.gjt.sp.util.WorkThread.doRequest(
12:40:03 PM [notice] FtpConnection: at org.gjt.sp.util.WorkThread.doRequests(
12:40:03 PM [notice] FtpConnection: at
12:40:03 PM [debug] FtpConnection: Discarding 06-22-08 06:07AM 5940 [FILENAME].asp

using ver. 4.3pre11

Submitted nixtines - 2008-10-05 - 17:08:06z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2008-10-08 - 02:50:51z
This is probably related to the FTP plugin. I am moving it to the plugin bugs tracker.
But please upgrade to 4.3pre15 and the latest version of the FTP plugin, try again, and let me know if it is still reproducible.