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(304/314) 2228982 - TextAutocomplete: long loading

I'm very uncomfortable because starting autocomplete takes very long time.
For new, empty buffer it is about 6 seconds.
That disqualifies using option "Start autom. for new buffers".

Maybe it is some way to speed it up?
Preload plugin at jEdit (or jEdit server) startup?

What does macro Auto_autocomplete.bsh do?

(Vista, Limited user account, JDK 1.6_10, TextAutocomplete 0.9.8b form plugin central)

Submitted admirau - 2008-11-06 - 10:13:05z Assigned malyvelky
Priority 5 Category None
Status Pending Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-03-30 - 10:21:30z
Do you still experience the problem? It works just fine for me, i.e. starts immediately for an empty buffer.

> What does macro Auto_autocomplete.bsh do?

I have no such macro, where did you get it?