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(106/314) 2822854 - Jython Interpreter sidekick parser fails to parse some files

I'm examining the Python code for "Construct" version 2.00 -- -- and the Jython Interpreter Sidekick parser is just saying "not parsed" for several files.

E.g., In both those cases, the issue seems to be traceable to the "from core import ..." line which if removed allows the files to be parsed.

I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's just because the Jython Interpreter plugin is based on Jython version 2.1, and Construct is likely to use some post-2.1 language features? Just a guess.

Submitted cmcqueen1975 - 2009-07-17 - 02:33:58z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
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2009-07-17 - 02:35:40z
I'm using jEdit 4.3 pre 17 on Windows 2000, using Java 1.6.0_07, and Jython Interpreter 0.9.7.
2010-07-27 - 10:12:30z
I have a patch that gives me some functionality with jEdit 4.3.2 and Jython 2.5.x.