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(107/314) 2831755 - MyDoggy + ErrorList + pinned dockables

I have ErrorList docked at top, but not visible except when there are errors.
Auto-show on errors, auto-hide on no errors, auto-refocus on text area all selected in errorlist options.

Whenever errorlist appears for the first time (after jEdit startup) it is pinned rather than just docked normally.
If I unpin it in one session, it should not appear pinned next time I show it after I re-run jEdit.

Submitted ezust - 2009-08-03 - 23:02:31z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2009-08-04 - 03:13:31z
In general, you usually want your dockables pinned. Pinned means that they remain visible if they lose focus. The 'auto hide' feature of error list is not related to the "pinned" state, it uses the dockable window manager's hideDockable method (or similar).
If you unpin a dockable, it will be hidden as soon as it loses keyboard focus.