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(116/314) 2891842 - "Finish Him!"/"Scala plugin" replaces edit mode catalog file

I wanted to try the Finish Him! plugin, but found that one of my user edit modes was replaced by the default version. Upon further investigation I found that the content of the catalog file in the user edit modes directory was replaced by:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE MODES SYSTEM "catalog.dtd">

<MODE NAME="scala" FILE="scala.xml" FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.scala" />
That's obviously not a very user-friendly behavior and should be changed to integrate the scala edit mode definition into the existing catalog file.

Submitted wormbo - 2009-11-04 - 11:10:03z Assigned nobody
Priority 8 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2009-12-24 - 20:15:57z
looks like user sickill has not joined the actual jedit project. I 'm not sure if he sees this, but I can't assign it to him.
I will e-mail him now.