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(133/314) 3079280 - Clojure 1.2 plugin - Windows issues

it is great to see clojure arriving in jedit, I have some Issues in windows

1) $CLASSPATH and $CLOJURE are not set (which Console Command uses)
, they should be %CLASSPATH% (which is set to java dir) and %CLOJURE% which is not set at all (there should be an error message)
also I'm not sure if Console is related to the Clojure plugin

2) when I use the "Script Engine Plugin > Evalutate Buffer" it gives me an 'Could not find "clojure" Script Engine.'

Submitted birdspider - 2010-10-01 - 09:01:45z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
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2010-10-01 - 17:10:23z
1) The Console plugin recognizes the dollar-sign syntax for environment variables regardless of platform. And CLASSPATH is not set by Clojure, but if the user defines or modifies this variable, then it will automatically be used by the clojure commando.

The only relation between Clojure and Console is that Clojure provides two things to the Console plugin: the CLOJURE environment variable, and the clojure commando file. Console is not at all dependent on Clojure.

2) The Clojure script engine is not yet implemented. Releasing this plugin was the first step in providing several upcoming Clojure-based plugins, one of which being the Clojure script engine.