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(141/314) 3153417 - Splash screen won't let me update plug-ins

After installing my plug-ins, I restarted JEdit and the splash screen displays, but some of the plug-ins were requesting info (company name, user name), but the splash screen was covering up the input boxes and the splash screen is not not movable, so I couldn't get to the input boxes. The input boxes would not let me continue with the install until I updated the requested info. Therefore I was "stuck" and had to reboot since the splash screen does not have a close option and it can not be moved out of the way.

Submitted brucem9999 - 2011-01-08 - 18:43:27z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
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2011-01-08 - 18:49:49z
To avoid the splash screen, create a file named "nosplash" in the jEdit settings directory.
2011-01-08 - 19:15:28z
Not to get off-topic, but wouldn't 'nospash" be a useful command line option?

What plugins were asking for this info?
2011-01-08 - 19:41:15z
Yes, I think 'nosplash' would be a useful command line option. I thought such an option existed, and was surprised to see it didn't. Probably Slava had a reason for this strange way to specify 'nosplash'.
2011-01-09 - 14:31:23z
Thanks for the quick reply.

BTW, I love jedit. Back in the late 70's or early 80's (I'm an old fart) is used a product I believe was called xedit when I was a COBOL programmer which had some of the great features jedit does, but I hadn't seen anything like it since then. I'm brand new to java (and jedit) so I haven't looked around too much, but one of the features of xedit(?) was one called "gather". It was a "find all" that pulled all the occurrences of a string onto one screen, let you edit any or all of them, and, when you were done editing them all, "put them all back where they belong" (of course it never really moved them, but you know what I'm saying??!!)

Anyway, thanks for a great product.

I don't have a "settings" dir. my dir structure is:
I put a file in both properties and startup named nosplash with no extension. That didn't do the trick.
2011-01-09 - 15:26:20z
Unless you're running with '-nosettings' on the command-line, you do have a settings directory. Normally, this is ~/.jedit on unix/linux, and %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\.jedit) on Windows.
To find out for sure which is your settings directory, you can add "-log=1" to the command-line, and then look for "jEdit: Settings directory is" in the output.
2011-01-09 - 16:29:26z
... or You could goto "Utilities -> Settings Directory" - the first items tells Your Settings Directory.
2011-01-09 - 18:10:52z

The log says:
8:01:55 AM [main] [message] jEdit: Settings directory is /home/bruce/.jedit
But there's no settings dir, although there is one named settings-backup.

2011-01-09 - 18:33:38z
I'm not really sure what You mean. "/home/bruce/.jedit" itself is the settings directory. If You don't see it in a file manager, this is because it's hidden. Then You could look for an option in the file manager like "show hidden files".
2011-01-09 - 18:35:43z
I have added a command-line option '-nosplash' to avoid the splash screen. This will be available in the next release of jEdit, don't know when.
2011-01-10 - 01:20:16z
Bruce, it looks like you're on a Linux or Unix system, so do this in a terminal window:

touch /home/bruce/.jedit/nosplash

That will creat the nosplash file in the right place. I'd be more interested in knowing which plugins are asking for info on start up and fixing them to not do that.
2011-01-10 - 02:02:51z
I'm ALMOST sure it was one of the plugs-ins that requires you to restart jedit after it is installed and it was asking for company and user name. Might it have been the accounting pkg, Lazy8?

If I encounter the dialog box again, I'll let you know.

In the mean time, thanks again for your help. That's the best customer support I've had on a product in a long time.