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(143/314) 3177299 - SideKick context-sensitive menu in wrong position

Right-clicking in the SideKick window (regardless of whether it is docked or floating) brings up the context-sensitive menu at the wrong position vertically.

It should be drawn with its top directly below the mouse pointer, but it is instead drawn at a non-static offset (vertically) from that position. I say "non-static" offset since it changes due to unknown circumstances. Sometimes it is positioned a bit too high (about half the menu's height), and sometimes much too low. Sometimes it even "gets stuck" at the bottom of the window, i.e. it is displayed at the bottom no matter where in the window I click the mouse.

This happens with SideKick 1.0 in jEdit 4.3.2 and 4.4pre1, and on Windows Vista and Solaris 10.

Submitted boise - 2011-02-10 - 12:33:39z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-10-24 - 10:41:18z
The problem persists in jEdit 4.4.1 (Win7, Win Vista, Solaris10) and jEdit 4.4.2 (have only tested on Win7).