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(147/314) 3277333 - Sessions plugin - saving/loading problem ftp user

There's an error when saving a session with files that are opened from a ftp-server and where you need to use domain name and user name to log on to the ftp-server.
An example:
I open file: ftp://domainname\
Sessions saves this: ftp://domainname/
When I open the session jEdit tries to open: ftp://domainname:21/

Submitted ottarkul - 2011-04-06 - 11:17:05z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-04-09 - 18:39:23z
<rant>Good grief, I hate having to work around Microsoft crap. Whoever decided to use backslash instead of forward slash as the separator in Windows deserves to be pilloried.</rant>

The root cause is a fix applied to the Session class in revision 8658 to resolve an issue with Windows paths where any instance of "\u" in a path was being interpreted incorrectly (since this is the Unicode escape sequence in Java). The solution at that time was to change backslash instances in file paths to a forward slash. Any solution for this current problem would need to take the previous fix into account.