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(159/314) 3407863 - Sidekick sometimes don't refresh with spiltted buffer

Sidekick sometimes does not detect the change of the current file (and then don't update the file structure) when the editor is splitted into panels.
To reproduce the bug:
-open a series of files (I tested the problem with css, php, js, txt)
-split the window into two horizontal panels
-keep open-sidekick
-focus a buffer in the top panel: sidekick will update with the file structure
-focus another buffer in the bottom panel: sidekick sometimes does not detect that the current file is changed (sometimes the problem is by selecting a new buffer in the same panel)

tested in jedit 4.5pre1, Sidekick 1.3

Submitted sbarex - 2011-09-11 - 21:00:37z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2011-11-27 - 05:09:10z
I notice the same thing sometimes with .xml files using the xml parser,
and also Python files using the ctagssidekick.
I am not sure how to reproduce it exactly though.