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(163/314) 3434580 - SideKick doesn't parse on keystroke when dock closed

Using SideKick 1.2 on jEdit 4.4.2, Java 1.6.0_26
- when I open up jedit to continue editing of a file and sidekick dockable is closed upon startup, parse on keystroke doesn't work

1. Make SideKick docked and the dock closed, parse on keystroke enabled.
2. Open file "bad.xml", with the content <asdf></bbbb>
3. Close jEdit and reopen
-- bad.xml is automatically opened
-- an error is reported in Error List
3. Change </bbbb> to </asdf>
-- the error is still there
4. Open the SideKick dockable.
-- the error disappears

Expected behavior:
- the error should disappear in step 3, without having the SideKick dockable visible.

Submitted fodber - 2011-11-07 - 17:44:01z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No