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(171/314) 3458372 - FTP _getFile gives an empty VFSFile

This is a macro reproducing the error.

String getFile(String s) {
v = VFSManager.getVFSForPath(s);
ses = v.createVFSSession(s, null);
f = v._getFile(ses, s, null);
String sRet = f.getPath();
v._endVFSSession(ses, null);
return sRet;

jEdit.getPlugin("console.ConsolePlugin").getConsole(view).print(null, getFile("/tmp/out"));
jEdit.getPlugin("console.ConsolePlugin").getConsole(view).print(null, getFile("ftp://testserver"));

For the file call it works as expected. Ftp call returns null. To see null replace testserver with a link to a valid ftp file.

Submitted jarekczek - 2011-12-12 - 20:25:07z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No