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(306/314) 3480846 - Sidekick 1.2 does not remember my parser

A Sidekick parser is associated to an edit mode ( javascript ), the parser from XML plugin.
If I choose another parser for my file, juste after parsing the parser goes on "none"

Submitted kpouer - 2012-01-28 - 08:48:17z Assigned ezust
Priority 6 Category None
Status Pending Group None
Resolution Fixed Visibility No


2012-05-21 - 11:13:28z
Matthieu, this could be due to the bug in the plugin you were working on (new javascript sidekick). I cannot reproduce it. However I see that the manually selected parser is lost after buffer switching.

Here is the code that introduces the problem. Maybe Dale could check if it can be safely removed?

18729 daleanson //{{{ handleBufferChange() method
18729 daleanson @EBHandler
18729 daleanson public void handleBufferChange(BufferChanging bmsg) {
18729 daleanson buffer = bmsg.getBuffer();
18729 daleanson buffer.setProperty(SideKickPlugin.PARSER_PROPERTY, null);
18729 daleanson } //}}}
2012-06-19 - 18:13:53z
It's actually damien's patch which introduced this bug, so I am assigning to him.
2012-06-19 - 18:14:16z
Introduced by patch 3081956
2012-06-20 - 16:46:24z
my previous comment was incorrect, the patch was not responsible but a line added by dale.
ok, I will try removing the buffer.setMode(xxx, null) and start testing sidekick with that.
2012-06-20 - 16:48:21z
nuts, its more complicated than that. Assigning back to dale.
2012-06-20 - 16:52:45z
Committed 21843 which seems to work for me.