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(188/314) 3513045 - JPyDebug update to current Jython

JPyDebug currently includes its own jython.jar which is old, and now also clashes with JythonInterpreter.
So I set a max-ver of jEdit 4.3 so it doesn't show up in the plugin manager anymore.

Either jython needs to be broken out into a separate plugin so that both JPyDebug and JythonInterpreter can depend on it, or JPyDebug needs to be rewritten to depend on JythonInterpreter.

Actually, do we need 2 different sidekick parsers for Jython? Perhaps the features that are shared between JPyDebug and JythonInterpreter can be removed from JPyDebug so there is less overlap between the two plugins.

Submitted ezust - 2012-03-30 - 01:57:40z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-07-03 - 12:16:53z
It is not only the jython outdated. JPyDebug uses an outdated jEdit API, too.