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(189/314) 3514499 - insert html anchor problem

with the current version (jedit 4.5.1, mac os 10.6, xml plugin 2.8.1) I'm having a problem inserting anchor tags. If I try to insert an anchor tag (<a>) using the xml plugin, after hitting the "OK" button, 2 anchor tags and a closing anchor tag (i.e. "<a><a></a>") get inserted. This is a bit of a pain since the extra<a> needs to be deleted and the closing</a> moved, which is onerous when embedding many anchors. Previous versions would insert a single<a>, which is the desired behavior.

Submitted Anonymous - 2012-04-03 - 10:46:04z Assigned kerik-sf
Priority 5 Category XML
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-04-22 - 14:24:36z
Thanks for reporting !

This looks like the "Insert Closing tag when opening tag is typed" is checked in the XML option pane.
Anyway, can you please try with the latest (not released yet) version of XMLPlugin, available here ?