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(308/314) 3536103 - FTP Displays SSH/SFTP Banner

My hosts have an SSH banner that cannot be disabled. Whenever jEdit via the FTP plugin opens a connection, it pops up a dialog box containing the banner. Super annoying.
(1) Can we disable the creation of a dialog box when a banner is present?
(2) If banner display is enabled, it should wrap to screen size so the whole message is displayed.

Using: jedit 4.5.1, FTP plugin 1.0.0

Submitted ppgwittel - 2012-06-18 - 19:41:26z Assigned ezust
Priority 5 Category FTP
Status Pending Group None
Resolution Fixed Visibility No


2013-02-07 - 18:06:43z
Please attach a screenshot so I understand what this banner looks like.
2013-02-07 - 19:27:19z
Attached a screenshot of the banner that appears upon saving. Its a long banner so it overflows the screen. It means I have to hit 'enter' every time after saving when it appears.

It seems to only appear when a new connection (vs a cached one) is used as it doesn't appear every time I save. But maybe 50% of the time.
2013-02-07 - 19:30:58z
Can you also attach an activity log that shows what is happening? I don't know where this message is coming from (in our code) yet.
2013-02-07 - 19:46:34z
Attached sample logs. Let me know if you need anything else.
2013-10-22 - 21:03:30z
The next version of FTP will log errors instead of popping up dialogs.
Please test this version and see if it works for you.


2013-02-07 - 19:25:33z

Screenshot of message box

2013-02-07 - 19:42:13z

Save resulting in a messagebox

2013-02-07 - 19:42:33z

Save resulting in *no* messagebox