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(203/314) 3553208 - jDiff: state confused

Generally, the first DualDiff of the day works great. When I close it, all looks good. When I do a second diff, most of the time (but not 100%) the diff pane, which I dock at bottom, appears to be out of sync. All buttons are grey except the delta button. The differences are marked in the buffers, and using the menu to move to the next difference, etc, works as expected. At this point, nothing I do will get things back in sync. Clicking the delta button removes the split and minimizes the diff pane. Using the menu to refresh the diff works (refreshes the difference marks in the buffers) but does not fix the button state.

I have tried three different methods of closing the first diff, hoping that one of them might work where the others don't. I have used the button in the diff pane, the menu, and simply removed splits. All three close the diff as I would expect, but no matter which I do, I still get the button state wrong on the next diff, most of the time.

Finally, after some time, I'll do a diff and everything will magically get back in sync. I can't seem to pin down how long it takes, or if I have done any particular operation in the interim.

I'm using 5.0pre2 in Linux, jDiff plugin 3.3.0 and SVNPlugin 1.7.5 daily of 27-Jul-12 (though I observed this behavior with released SVNPlugin and jDiff plugin 3.2.0 as well.)

Submitted snarum-micron - 2012-08-01 - 16:18:15z Assigned nobody
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2012-08-01 - 16:18:16z