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(309/314) 3556891 - DirtyGutter 0.3 performances problem

I was editing a big csv file ( 76K lines) and did a change that modified all lines in my file.
When I wanted to save it, DirtyGutter started to send events like this for every modified lines
11:52:08 [AWT-EventQueue-0] [debug] EditBus: BufferUpdate[what=DIRTY_CHANGED,view=null,source=imei prefix.csv (%USERPROFILE%\Documents\2.110\)]

I saw some changes in the title bar of jEdit, I think it was ProjectViewer that was receiving those events but I'm not sure, jEdit was unresponsive.
After a few minutes I had to kill it.
I think some things should be done in DirtyGutter for this, like sending events for a range instead of a single line.

Submitted kpouer - 2012-08-13 - 10:01:34z Assigned shlomy
Priority 9 Category None
Status Pending Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-10-07 - 06:49:47z
Which dirty line provider do you use? (The main option in the plugin's option pane) - Diff or Simple?
If it's "Simple", I intend to get rid of this mode since it causes problems (not only performance, unfortunately).