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(211/314) 3571987 - Look and feel 5.0pre1

I used lipstick for a while, but it now breaks when applying settings. Scrollbars and backgrounds change color.

It would be nice if jedit had a solid builtin theme set. The themepacks at are mostly broken or extremely ugly.

Metal should be replaced with something following modern ui design guidelines. A light sublime like theme could really make jEdit "pop". People shouldnt have to dig around to make the editor light/dark.

How would one go about replacing metal? Does anyone have a jedit theme that works and looks solid?

Submitted Anonymous - 2012-09-26 - 17:50:10z Assigned nobody
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2012-09-26 - 17:57:57z
There is an option "use jEdit textArea colors for all text components" which may also cause undesired effects in alternate looks and feel. Be sure to un-check that option from general options if you are finding things are the wrong color.
2012-09-26 - 20:54:56z
This is an area where core functionality and plugin functionality overlap. Personally, and in the spirit of "do new things in plugins rather than core", which has been the development philosophy for jEdit for quite a few years now, I think it would be much cleaner to have the look and feel code removed from core and moved to the Look and Feel plugin. Leave the default look and feel (that is, without the Look and Feel plugin) to be the default platform look and feel, and let people who want to change the look and feel use the Look and Feel plugin.

I used Lipstik for quite a while before switching to Substance. Development of Lipstik has completely stopped as far as I can tell. I use the Look and Feel plugin with the Substance plugin, then there are a number of themes available from Substance. This is all done in the plugin options for the Look and Feel plugin. Additionally, the Editor Scheme plugin allows easily changing the color scheme of the text area and several of the more common plugins. My personal favorite is Substance with the Graphite Theme and the Zenburn scheme from the Editor Scheme plugin.

One thing I've had on a "todo" for some time is to combine the Look and Feel plugin and the Editor Scheme plugin so all the look and feel and color settings can be done in one place. This would make it a lot easier to manage the color and appearance.
2012-12-04 - 20:37:57z
This is still an issue. Clicking ok on the plugin/global options panel causes my styles to revert to shiny java purple.