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(218/314) 3591246 - CtagsSidekick Filter only works with certain options checked

The CtagsSidekick filter no longer works in Jedit5.0. Typing text in the filter box should filter to matching expressions, but it does nothing.

Submitted fevans - 2012-11-30 - 02:38:17z Assigned shlomy
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2012-12-05 - 23:27:50z
I can't confirm. It works for me. What revision of CtagsSidekick?
2012-12-06 - 15:58:24z
Sorry, I have CtagsSidekick 1.5, Jedit 5.0.0, JRE 1.6.0_37.
2013-02-07 - 17:50:11z
I can reproduce this. If the option "filter persists after tree selection" is *not* checked, and I start up a clean jEdit 5.0, typing into the filter field doesn't do anything.

Since I normally always have the "filter persists after tree selection" checked, I never noticed this before.
So the current workaround is to check that option. But this is a bug.

2013-02-07 - 17:51:52z
The filter checkbox option I am talking about is in Plugin Options - Sidekick - General, not in CtagsSideKick.
2013-02-07 - 19:47:52z
That's interesting. Oddly enough, I can't reproduce the error anymore.

I discovered that this was working properly on another co-workers PC, so I copied there settings over mine and voila...mine started working too. So, I never knew what setting it was that made the difference.

Now, it doesn't matter whether I have the box checked or not. It always works properly.
2013-02-07 - 20:19:56z
I only see it immediately after jEdit startup. If i start fiddling with options, eventually the filter field always works and it doesn't matter what options are there. So it seems like some sort of initialization problem.
2013-02-07 - 20:38:57z
I forgot to mention. I did not have this option checked after copying my co-workers settings.