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(221/314) 3599975 - ClassPath plugin and Console System Shell/multiple views

If two views are open to different projects, and View1 has a Classpath set from project options, but the view2 has nothing in its classpath project options, then I would expect
echo $CLASSPATH to give me different things from the System shell of the different views. However, it appears the same CLASSPATH is set in both System shells, and I don't get an empty string like I would expect from View#2.

Submitted ezust - 2013-01-08 - 18:30:08z Assigned ezust
Priority 8 Category None
Status Open Group None
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2013-11-07 - 17:57:29z
The classpath is an environment variable; as such, it has a value per process, not per window. Both views belong to the same process, right? Therefore, to implement this request, there's a need to change the environment variable each time one of the views gets the focus. Is that what you want to happen?
2013-11-14 - 22:23:08z
I was thinking something more like having the ClassPath plugin provide a mapping to ProcessBuilder instances,
where the environment of the ProcessBuilder used by Console can be somehow maintained by ClassPath.

Should the ClassPath provide a mapping from View or from the VPTProject ? that is another interesting question...

2013-11-15 - 18:55:55z
Another approach would be to make up a new service that is offered by jEdit, offering a
getClassPath(View v) function... And then just use that everywhere else.

2013-11-21 - 15:52:20z
I think we just need to use the Project Properties in ProjectViewer's ClassPath options to store/retrieve the classpath, and fix up Console and the other places to use it.