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(222/314) 3600616 - Markdown: lists with sub-items render incorrectly

To see the problem just copy the unordered lists example given in the Markdown plugin documentation into a new buffer and attempt to render it. An embedded unordered list is created correctly for the sub-item labelled "A subitem, indented with 4 spaces" but the item immediately preceding it has only the first word rendered. The rest of the item text is lost.

Submitted sjakob - 2013-01-12 - 19:32:45z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2013-01-14 - 00:56:31z
Updating the underlying libraries (pegdown, parboiled, ASM) used by the plugin appears to fix the problem. This was non-trivial as the parboiled JAR provided by the original plugin author had to be replaced with 3 separate JAR files ( parboiled-core, parboiled-java and asm-all version 4.0).