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(264/314) 624079 - Spaces in Windows file paths(VSSPlugin)

Under the SourceControl/Visual Source Safe plugin, I
could not use the check in/check out commands when
my local working folder or my source safe project name
have spaces in them, as the file paths are truncated on
the space character on the command line.
I solved this pb by modifying the code to put double
quotes around the file name given in the command line
in in the method
convertFileNameToVSSFileName(String fileName) I
added at the end the line ssFileName
= "\""+ssFileName+"\"";
By the way if you are interested I have played with the
code and manually added commands to undo checkout
and to get the latest version of a file.
Thanks for this great plugin!


Submitted lsellin - 2002-10-16 - 12:55:06z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2004-02-18 - 09:44:32z
Logged In: YES

Thanks for the bug report. This should have been fixed and a
new release is on the way soon, with some new features.