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(266/314) 638816 - Ant Farm - save shrinks targetlist

-Open (expand) ant targets (from 1 or many build file)
from Ant Farm
-edit one build file a little and save
-All opened (expanded) Ant build files are shrunk in
Ant Farm.

My opinion is that if save ( & parsing) is ok, the Ant
Farm could remember which buildfiles were open last
time and open them again.

Submitted janilxx - 2002-11-15 - 08:09:04z Assigned nobody
Priority 9 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution Accepted Visibility No


2003-10-24 - 09:58:01z
Logged In: YES

It seems to be so that if the last buildfile from the ant
farm list is edited and saved the list shrinks. If e.g. the
first buildfile (from two files) is edited and saved the
list is not shrunk.
2003-11-18 - 07:52:13z
Logged In: YES

Changes to the buildfile are not effective after save. You
have to restart jEdit to get changed buildfile to work!