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(270/314) 706497 - JCompile creates paths with spaces that javac can not handle

When I compile a .java file using JCompile in a path that
windows recognizes as having spaces, javac can not
handle paths containing space(s). When I enter any
paths, I use the dos designations without spaces. Jedit
or JCompile converts the dos paths into windows paths
(containing spaces). Then, when the string is passed to
javac, javac chokes on it.
I am attaching a zip file that contains the following:
Doc2.doc - screen shots of:
jedit's call of javac;
the resulting Consul window of the javac call;
the CLASSPATH value set from the env var.
system.txt - the startup log of jedit

Please contact me at or

Submitted nobody - 2003-03-19 - 20:13:18z Assigned spestov
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2005-03-09 - 13:17:21z
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As the screenshots indicate this is not JCompiler, it is the
Console plugin with the 'javac' commando.

Filenames with spaces are not a problem in JCompiler.
Console must be fixed.


2003-03-19 - 20:13:19z

zip file containing a word doc and a txt