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(273/314) 719636 - Ant Farm 1.3.1 adds invalid file name to ErrorList

If an Ant build fails, AntFarm adds a node to ErrorList for
the build.xml. However, if the path to the build.xml file in
question contains spaces, the node added to ErrorList
has the spaces replaced with %20s. Clicking on this
ErrorList node opens a new buffer with the bad path
instead of the actual build.xml file. This in turn is
interpreted by AntFarm as the user opening a new build
file and it adds a node to its tree reading "Invalid build
file: File is missing: ..."

This problem did not occur with AntFarm 1.2

Submitted rfletch6 - 2003-04-11 - 11:58:29z Assigned jiwils
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution Later Visibility No