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(278/314) 753328 - JIndex / InfoViewer issue - think it is infoviewer

If I have my Java docs on a share wiht a UNC name and
set infoviewer options to use IE as an external browser,
evrything works. However, if I use the internal
infoviewer browser the URL used does not get you to
the page.

JIndex passes file:\\name\share\x\y\z.html

but infoviewer needs


doesn't matter if you use forward slashes or backslashes

Tried to put more slashes or backslashes in the path I
give JIndex, but the extra ones seem to be ignored

Nt certain who should fix, bt I think it should be

Submitted pcause - 2003-06-12 - 15:00:10z Assigned dmoebius
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No