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(292/314) 874773 - JCompiler: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsError showing error messages

Compiling (jcompile) the attached program I've got the
below error:

This is the JCompiler shell.
This shell offers four commands:
* "javac [options] files..." -- invokes the javac
compiler (the one chosen in the option pane)
* "compile" -- compiles the current file
* "compilepkg" -- determines basedir of current file
and compiles all outdated files in the basedir tree
* "rebuildpkg" -- determines basedir of current file
tree and recompiles all files in the basedir tree.

JCompiler ready.
> compile
Compiling /mnt/zip/Java/j24ore/15/

Command line:
javac -classpath .:/mnt/zip/Java/j24ore/15 -g

/mnt/zip/Java/j24ore/15/ '}' expected
An error occured invoking the Java compiler class!
The detailed error message was:
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index
out of range: 1624
Please report this message and any further messages
from the Activity Log to the current maintainer of
JCompiler. Thank you.

Best regards


Submitted marcol - 2004-01-11 - 05:53:43z Assigned gerardsmyth
Priority 6 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2004-01-26 - 11:14:13z
Logged In: YES

Marco, this is not a jEdit problem, but just a problem with
your code. You have a } missing at the end of your code....
2004-01-26 - 11:17:04z
Logged In: YES

oh ok you know that, you're just reporting the array index
error :)


2004-01-11 - 05:53:43z

Incomplete Java program