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(301/314) 960629 - JExplorer Graph nested interface-implentation not shown

If you declare a class containing both an interface
definition and it's implementation, JExplorer Graph does
not show the implentation relationship (blue line)
between the two.

Here is an example -

class A {
interface D {
void f();
class DImp implements D {
public void f() {}

class B implements A.D{
public void f() {}

When veiwing JExplorer Graph we see that interface A.D
and class A.Imp are nested elements of A (red lines) and
that class B implements interface A.D (blue line) but the
relationship 'class A.DImp inplements interface A.D' is not
shown at all.

Submitted test1dellboy3 - 2004-05-26 - 07:59:46z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No