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(302/314) 995858 - Source Control plugin does not save VSS project names

The Source Control plugin does not save any values
entered into the MS Visual Source Safe "VSS Project
Name" and "Working Folder" fields. The "VSS Project
Name" does display previously entered values in the
drop-down box ("Working Folder" does not), but after
applying the changes and closing the plugin options,
when opening them again both fields are empty.

jEdit 4.2pre15, Source Control 0.52, Windows 2000, JRE1.4.2

Submitted nobody - 2004-07-22 - 11:45:44z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2004-07-22 - 12:20:33z
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After upgrading to JRE1.4.2_05, this bug cannot be reproduced.