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(1/161) 1535445 - LogViewer: 2 requests

LogViewer doesn't need to keep the whole file in
memory, it would be nice if it had an option to keep
only the last N lines of each file.

Also the "Find" option doesn't pop up a properly
parented dialog. It shouldn't be a dialog really, but
just a textfield in the dockable, but if it has to be a
dialog, it should have a parent.

Also, when it does find something, i can't always see
the matched text, if it's on a long line and I don't
have "wrap text" on. I can't touch the scrollbar while
the dialog is there.

Find should be a "grep" that does a filter on all the
lines, and shows you matching ones, letting you hit
escape to see the log file again.

Submitted ezust - 2006-08-06 - 16:31:14z Assigned nobody
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No