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(4/161) 1554200 - JavaScript code completion

Adding JavaScript code completion (sidekick?--not sure
how this is implemented) would make JEdit the ultimate
web developer's tool.

Submitted sez11 - 2006-09-07 - 15:47:28z Assigned daleanson
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2006-09-07 - 16:20:40z
Logged In: YES

SideKick has a completion mechanism. XML already has a
JavaScriptSideKick which has no completion yet.

Anyone who wants to work on that should be committing to the
XML plugin SVN. If you volunteer, speak to me about getting
commit privileges.

2006-09-07 - 18:10:18z
Logged In: YES

I've looked at it. It'll take a lot of work, I think.
Right now, the javascript sidekick parser is a few regular
expressions. They do an okay job of parsing javascript, but
it could be better. They are not sufficient to implement
code completion. Really, what's needed is a better parser.
I've looked for a decent javacc parser for javascript, but
haven't found one. I adjusted the html sidekick to delegate
to the css sidekick so in-line <style> tags are parsed into
the html tree, it would be awesome to do the same thing with
with in-line javascript.
2006-09-07 - 18:26:55z
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Hmm, I googled again and found a relatively recent jjt file
for ecmascript. I'll add this to my growing list of things
I don't have time for :)
2006-09-26 - 18:55:46z
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If it helps, it looks like Vim 7.0 has JavaScript code
completion. I don't know if the formats are compatible, but
maybe their script could be used?