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(6/161) 1581587 - Word Wrapping and XML Markup

Word Wrapping and XML Markup

jEdit should be able to automatically format XML files
in a more advanced way.

e.g. <XML-TAG-1 ...><XML-TAG-2> should be split between
the 2 tags, i.e. between the ending ...> and the
beginning <... .

Currently, jEdit is NOT able to recognize this as a
valid word wrap splitting point.

Also, jEdit should be able to automatically indent and
format the XML in a more readable fashion, e.g.:
<XML-TAG-1 ...
_... TAG may continue IF it does NOT fit on one LINE
_<- BUT let it be slightly indented
_...> # END OF TAG
____<XML-TAG-2; INDENT IF nested within previous TAG

... and so on

This should all be done automatically.

I will attach a good file to test such options.

Submitted discoleo - 2006-10-20 - 22:58:47z Assigned daleanson
Priority 5 Category None
Status Open Group None
Resolution None Visibility No


2006-10-20 - 23:28:06z
Logged In: YES

Just checking -- are you aware of the XMLIndenter plugin?
It does a pretty good job of formatting xml files. I've
attached a copy of your example file formatted with
XMLIndenter for your perusal.
2006-10-20 - 23:30:19z
Logged In: YES

I should have mentioned that XMLIndenter is not a separate
plugin anymore, it's part of the XML plugin and is
compatible with the Beauty plugin.
2006-10-21 - 10:00:38z
Logged In: YES

Indeed, I missed the XML-plugin. [Sorry for this, my fault.]

However, there are still 2 issues that would be great to
- IF I choose word-wrap, and the TAG is continued on a
second line, it would be nice to indent the 2-... lines by
1-2 spaces:
_<- TAG continues BUT is indented a little bit

- again, IF word-wrap is selected, I would like to have some
other line-breaking points, like after ";" in a TAG (rare
occurence, but may occur)

Nevertheless, great program!
2006-12-18 - 17:21:47z
Logged In: YES
Originator: NO

Assigning to Rob McKinnon, who wrote the xmlindenter.
2007-09-30 - 03:37:34z
Logged In: YES
Originator: NO

If Rob doesn't respond in the next few days, I'll take this one on.


2006-10-20 - 22:58:48z

A test file for advanced formatting/markup

2006-10-20 - 23:28:06z

content.xml formatted with XMLIndenter plugin