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(7/161) 1593408 - Possiblity to rollback to a backed up version

I'm missing a possibility to rollback to a backed up
version of a file from within jEdit (e. g. with a
preview of all available backup files) except of
doing it manually through file copying.

Sorry if this is a dupe, but I have many bugs to post
and am too lazy to check them all for dupes
currently. :-)

OS: Windows XP
Java Version: Sun Java 1.5.0_09-b03
jEdit Version: 4.3pre8

Submitted vampire0 - 2006-11-09 - 13:22:48z Assigned nobody
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2006-11-24 - 08:04:59z
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I think this is a job for a plugin. It is a good idea. A very good idea would be to have an internal CVS in a plugin like Intellij Idea does. It's very useful. You can see what is modified to your file, and rollback only some few part and not the entire file
2011-11-27 - 19:36:58z
or use a distributed sccs such as git and then commit to your own local repository.
2011-12-01 - 02:28:50z
While a plugin with full file history could maybe be good, this request was just for some simple GUI to rollback to the backup files that jEdit already creates. Of course this could also be done in a plugin I guess as the essential part is just making the backups and that is already present in the core.